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PoolandSpaInspectors is a training course designed to provide home inspectors the knowledge they need to offer their clients enhanced pool and spa inspections by providing water loss and pool water chemistry analysis.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction

  • Application

  • Code & Standards

  • Equipment selection

  • Report Writing

  • Examples

  • Advanced education opportunities

  • Marketing the service

  • Disclaimers

  • Closing

PoolandSpaInspectors Certified as an enhancement to your service.

Technical Director

Technical Director

Mr. Casey began his career as a plumbing, mechanical and general contractor in New England. He then brought this knowledge to the home and commercial inspection profession and has performed over 10,000 home and commercial inspections throughout the nation. Mike is a popular speaker at inspection related conferences and expert regarding inspection related claims matters for both plaintiffs and defendants and insurance companies as well as contractor claims. Home Inspector Standard of Care Expert and Mechanical and Plumbing Issue claims are a specialty for Mr. Casey. Mike has managed numerous international inspection related conferences, including governmental approvals, hotel negotiation and managed the entire national home and commercial inspection training division while with Kaplan Professional. Mike is an IDECC Certified Distance Education Instructor.


About the Equipment

Certified technicians utilize advanced testing equipment and techniques in addition to the standard inspection. Water loss analysis is completed with specialized equipment capable of 1/10,000 of an inch measurements. The chemistry of the water shows the current maintenance of the water and if it is safe. Although the chemistry can change by the hour, it is a good indication of water management.

There are three products we will promote in addition to the class



The Leakalyzer enables you to quickly determine if a pool is losing water, and how much water it's losing. This super sensitive device measures water level changes to the 10,000th of an inch, and tracks these changes in real time on a digital graph. Watching this real-time data enables you to identify leaks in as little as 5-10 minutes. In fact, the Leakalyzer is so sensitive that water loss of less than a gallon from a 20ft. x 40ft. pool is readily indicated.

WaterLink Spin Touch

WaterLink Spin Touch

Every now and then a technology emerges that changes people's lives. For those who test water, that time is now.
The innovative WaterLink® Spin Touch® photometer does all your pool and spa water testing for you wherever you need. Each sealed reagent disk contains the precise amount of reagent needed to run a complete series of tests in just 30 or 60 seconds. results are displayed on the touchscreen, then can be transferred to specialized software to be instantly analyzed, providing step-by-step treatment instructions.



Complete Pool Maintenance System. Sutro is the simple, safe, and seamless way to measure, monitor, and treat your pool or spa water so that you'll love your pool (or spa) again.
With Sutro products, pool or spa owners can measure, monitor, and select products from the marketplace that makes owning a pool more enjoyable. The device floats in your water and sends the results directly to your smart device. You can track when it is safe to swim and if your maintenance is up to par.

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