Pool and Spa Inspectors

is a network of home inspectors and contractors.

who perform advanced pool and spa evaluations

About Pool and Spa Inspectors

Pool and Spa Inspectors is a network of home inspectors and contractors that specialize in advanced pool inspection techniques. Our inspectors complete a vigorous training specific to pools and spas with the benefit of advanced pool diagnostics. Our surveys include water-loss detection to help you know if your pool is losing water due to leakage in unseen areas like the pool shell and underground piping. Typical pool inspections only include a review of visible areas—but with the use of a specialized electronic leak detection device called the Leakalyzer, we can detect water loss up to 1/10,000th of an inch in a graphical image which considers normal georeferenced evaporation rates. An additional benefit of a Pool and Spa Inspectors survey is that we bring the lab to you with a water chemical analysis! In our mobile photometry lab, we can precisely identify how current the pool and spa maintenance is by taking a detailed analysis of the water chemistry. The result will provide you with an understanding of your pool water and if it is balanced and safe for swimming. Water chemistry can change day-to-day, and our inspectors will educate you on how you can monitor your own pool for safe swimming year-round. Our home kits provide testing multiple times a day and report directly to your smart phone. The home kit lets you know if your pool is being maintained to safe levels and will even give you go-to self-help guides on maintaining the pool yourself with detailed recommendations on pool chemical use and consumption. This advanced feature from MySutro will be your intelligence for safe water.

All our Pool and Spa Inspectors have been trained by industry-leader and expert in pool and spa training, Michael Casey. For over 30 years, Michael Casey has been a well revered industry-wide expert and highly respected authority in the home inspection industry. Mr. Casey trains our inspectors on proper inspection technique including learning how to analyze even the most technically advanced pool systems.

    Yard lighting always looks great but not when going over a pool. This can lead to a safety problem you don’t want to encounter!

    Pool equipment should be accessible for maintenance. Excess vegetation like this makes it difficult for access and may be evident with conditions of pool.

    Knowing the pressure of the pool system when in operation helps you know the condition of the filters. The gauges are reasonably replaced and should be part of ongoing maintenance.

    Damage in the pool or spa heater can have serious consequences. Periodic review of all equipment should be part of regular maintenance.

    A leaking pump can be very costly especially with utility costs at an all time high.The cover seal is often easily repaired and part of standard maintance.

    Cracking in your pool is a significant condition and should be promptly repaired.Consider having a leak test analysis of your pool to determine leakage rates.

    The coping and tiles around your pool will tell you allot. Damage left unattended can be very costly. A periodic 3rd party inspection of your pool system is a wise investment.

    The condition of the plaster can tell allot about the chemical balance of the water and if it is safe to swim. Consider having the water professionally tested.

    Pool safety is very important and a proper enclosure around the pool should be of upmost importance. Your Pool and Spa Inspectors inspection includes a proper evaluation of pool safety features.

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